Welcome to Moses Spoke Hebrew!

Welcome to the Resources available for learning Hebrew at the Moses Spoke Hebrew website! Along the vertical bar opposite, you will see separate categories, each with a whole host of resources such as video lessons, downloads, worksheets, and much more...

Feel free to browse the different categories as you find resources which will systematically help you to learn Hebrew.

The following categories of resources are available:

  • Getting Started. Introduces you to what is available on this website.
  • How To Learn Hebrew. If you are serious about learning Hebrew, start here! This series of lessons will provide you with a plan of action and help you to focus your time and effort in the most effective way possible. It will help you to understand how to learn Hebrew, and why so many people fail.
  • The History of Hebrew. This fascinating series of lessons will give you some context behind the Hebrew language, and help you to see how unique Hebrew is, and its incredible prophetic importance today.
  • Learn The Hebrew Alphabet. This foundational series of lessons is where you should start your journey into the Hebrew language. It will help you to learn the Hebrew alphabet and scripts. This is the basis for everything else.
  • Hebrew Reading Practice. Once you have learned the Hebrew Alphabet, most people jump straight into learning grammar! DO NOT DO THIS! Instead, pause, consolidate, and take the time to practice reading Hebrew until you can read words comfortably. I will show you how in this series of lessons. You need lots of practice, and here is where you will get it!
  • How To Learn Hebrew Vocabulary. This incredible series of lessons will teach you how to learn Hebrew vocabulary as efficiently, effectively and easily as possible. There are many very effective ways to learn that most people know nothing about! I will teach you practical techniques that will help you to learn numbers of Hebrew words far beyond what you might currently think possible!