More About Using Spreadsheets

In this next video, we build on the previous video about using spreadsheets to learn Hebrew vocabulary. We take a look at another way to categorise the words in the spreadsheet. You need to decide which way works best for you, and usually the best way to do that is through trial and error. Experiment, and see which approach(es) you prefer.

Next, we look at using Filters to collect all the words in a given category together.

But we also look at ways to work through your Wordlist more systematically, by counting the number of words in each category. You can then use Pie Charts and Bar Charts to display how many words you are getting through - how many you have now learned, and how many remain.

Using these approaches, you can stay motivated and start to record how many Hebrew words you are learning each week. It will start to become very impressive if you keep going!

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