Reading 2-Letter Hebrew Words

In the previous lessons, we saw how to pronounce a Hebrew word by spelling out the word letter by letter and vowel by vowel, starting from the right and working your way towards the left.

But it does take some practice doing this. It is slow at first, because everything is so new to you. But as you get to know the letters in the Hebrew Alphabet better, you will soon start to speed up. What was difficult and slow at first will become easier and more automatic.

And so, in this lesson, we provide you with some practice reading Hebrew words from the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible). We start with very simple (small) Hebrew words, and we build up into longer and longer words.

This group of lessons accomplishes two things:

  • It gives you practice reading Hebrew, building up your confidence and experience as you go.
  • It exposes you to dozens of very common Hebrew words. Learn these! You will come across these words again and again from now on!

It is best to go through this lesson several times, so that you get as much practice and exposure to these Hebrew words as possible.

Watch the Video Lesson