Exercise - Create a LONG Wordlist

Now that you have watched the previous videos about the importance of learning the commonest Hebrew words first - whether those are simply names or a list of vocabulary from your favourite book - I would like you to put all this into practice by creating your own Wordlist.

Make this Wordlist longer than you believe is realistically achievable to learn in a few days. How many words do you believe is not possible (for you!) to learn in, say, 3 or 4 days? Make a Wordlist AT LEAST as long as that.

Then spend the next few days trying to learn that Wordlist. The point of this Exercise is for you to have a go, try it yourself, and see how you find it. What did you find difficult? And why?

Once you have done that, in future videos we will systematically start to look at HOW to learn vocabulary. What works? What does not work? And why? We will answer all these questions in future videos in this series.

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