Exercise - Put it into Practice

By now, you should have learned a great deal about how to learn Hebrew vocabulary. You should also have created your own LONG Wordlist, and used all the skills you have been learning so far, to actually learn this Wordlist.

You should therefore, have learned all the Hebrew vocabulary in a particular chapter (or even a book!) of your choice.

Now, as the next critical step, I would like you to put this into practice. As this video explains, I would like you to go through the chapter you are learning, and actually see all those words that you have learned, occurring in actual practice. See them in the text. Study them. Did you recognise them all? Are the forms in the text different to the dictionary entries that you learned? If so, how do they differ? Do you notice any patterns?

The point of this exercise is to see all the words you have theoretically learned, actually occurring in practice. This is an exciting stage! Previously the chapter was too difficult for you to even attempt... But now that you have learned all the vocabulary, the chapter is manageable. You know most of it already!

What you need to do next is to learn some grammar, but we will come to that shortly!

Watch the Video Lesson