Learn The Commonest Hebrew Words First!

In this first video in the How to Learn Hebrew Vocabulary series, we take a closer look at the idea that you should learn the most common Hebrew vocabulary first. In other words, if you learn the Hebrew words that occur the most frequently first, that will yield the fastest results. It will have a dramatic effect on the total number of words you recognise. And that will increase your excitement and motivation.

Although learning the commonest Hebrew words first may seem obvious, you might never have realised just how dramatic this approach can be. In this video, we take a closer look at the "snowballing" effect of learning the commonest Hebrew words first. You might never before have considered this. You might never have read about this approach anywhere else. And you might never have actually tried it.

In later videos, we will look at other aspects to learning the most common Hebrew words - such as how to find them, how to create and use spreadsheets containing them, how to actually learn vocabulary, how best to memorise words, how to learn Hebrew words that you seem to keep forgetting, the most efficient and effective methods of learning, and so on.

This series of lessons on How to Learn Hebrew Vocabulary is all about helping you to put these ground-breaking approaches and techniques into practice. It is not enough to just watch the videos - you need to actually put it into practice!

The practical approach presented on this website will keep you focused. It will give you the motivation to keep going, to stay motivated and excited, and to accomplish your goals!

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