How To Use Spreadsheets

In this very important video, we build on all the previous videos in this series about How to Learn Hebrew Vocabulary, and we look at how to use spreadsheets to learn Hebrew vocabulary. If used correctly, as we show in this video, spreadsheets can combine all the advantages of previous methods.

They allow you to take your own custom Hebrew Wordlists from Bible software such as BibleWorks and Accordance, create a spreadsheet out of them, and then use the spreadsheet to bulk-learn vocabulary in a very time-effective way. You can even create Printed lists, or Flashcards, from the spreadsheet, if you prefer those methods.

In this video, we show you how to use spreadsheets in this way, and how to learn vocabulary faster than ever before. Later videos will build on this, and show you how to use spreadsheets even more methodically, how to create your own spreadsheets, and much more...

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