How To Learn Hebrew Vocabulary

In this next video, we begin by looking at HOW to learn Hebrew vocabulary. We look at how to take a very long Wordlist, and how to go through it systematically and learn the words in the most efficient way.

To do that, you really need to just spend a few seconds looking at each word, really thinking about it, trying to think of connections with other words, or something (anything) that helps you to remember the word. Then just go on to the next word - until you reach the end of your list. Spend only a few seconds with each word. An entire list should really only take you maybe 10-15 minutes (depending on its length, of course).

Then just go away, get on with your life, do something else, and let your brain do what it wants to do - either to forget some of those words, or to remember them. You don't care which. Because if you try later in the day and you have remembered some of those words - great! Soon you will remove those words from your list and add a few more. And if you forget some words, just keep them in your list until you eventually learn them. That's it!

Repeat with the wordlist a few times throughout the day. Some words will drop off. Others will be added.

This way, without too much effort, you will learn more words than you ever thought possible. And it will be quite fun and relaxing!

But do watch this video a few times, and watch it again every few weeks, until you have put all these ideas into practice, and until all the ideas in this video start to sink in and become automatic.

Later videos will discuss in further detail what other approaches work, which don't, and how you can start using these methods more systematically by creating your own wordlists in spreadsheets and other methods.

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