Introduction to Learning Hebrew Vocabulary

In the previous series of lessons on How to Learn Hebrew, we saw that before you can understand the Hebrew text, you need to be comfortable actually reading Hebrew, and you also need to know the words you are reading. In other words, in practice, to be able to read and understand the Hebrew Bible, you need to learn a lot of vocabulary!

That is why most people fail and don't make progress. Either they don't take the time to read Hebrew at a normal speed, or they don't learn enough vocabulary. They jump into grammar before they are ready, and assume that learning grammar is the key. Grammar is needed, but first learn to read effectively, and then spend time learning as much Hebrew vocabulary as you can!

Learning vocabulary - and lots of it - is therefore critical. In this series of lessons, I teach you HOW to learn Hebrew vocabulary, using the ground-breaking approaches that I have pioneered over the years. These methods are not theory. I have developed these approaches myself to learn literally MANY THOUSANDS of words across the Hebrew Bible, the Aramaic Targums, the Aramaic Old and New Testaments, and even the Greek New Testament. These methods work. And they will work for you, too, if you spend time learning them, and adapting these approaches to your own learning style and needs.

Let's get started!