How To Find The Commonest Hebrew Words

In the previous video, you saw the importance of learning the commonest words in a given Biblical Hebrew text first. If you learn the commonest words first, it has a massively positive disproportionate effect on your overall understanding of the Hebrew text. If you learn the commonest words first, you will begin seeing those common words all over the place, everywhere you look. This will give you the confidence to get motivated, to stay motivated, and to keep going. You will make rapid progress this way.

However, the next question is, how do you find the commonest words? We will explore that question in this video, using BibleWorks as an example.

The best approach is for you to decide what book, or chapter, or Biblical Hebrew text, matters most to you. What is your favourite passage? Which book do you most want to learn? What chapter, or chapters, do you love? This will vary individually for each person.

Decide where you want to start. Then create a word list of the most common words in that book, or in that first chapter. Learn those words, using the techniques I will present in other videos later in this series. Make good progress on that chapter, then proceed to the next chapter. Learn the vocabulary first, and later we will look at how to learn grammar in the fastest possible way.

All this will be explained more fully in future videos. Your job is to watch this video, then start creating your first word list, and start exploring the most common words in your favourite passage. Have fun with this - it's exciting!

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