Reading 7-Letter Hebrew Words

In previous lessons, we have seen how to pronounce a Hebrew word by spelling out the word letter by letter and vowel by vowel, starting from the right and working your way towards the left. We also looked at some very short (2-letter) Hebrew words, slightly longer (3-letter) Hebrew words, longer (4-letter) Hebrew words, 5-letter Hebrew words, as well as 6-letter Hebrew words.

In this lesson, we take a look at even longer Hebrew words from the Hebrew Bible - those with seven letters. This gives you extra reading practice as you increase your confidence in being able to read Hebrew, and introduces you to a wider vocabulary. Remember - these are all very common Hebrew words, so the time and effort you spend learning them will be well spent.

It is best to go through this lesson several times, so that you get as much practice and exposure to these Hebrew words as possible.

Watch the Video Lesson